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Kiyohide Nagaoka

Career History

- 2010: Venture Capital Firm

- 2015: M&A Brokerage Company

- 2022: Hatsuna Intellectual Property Office (now Authense IP)

Practice Areas

Trademark, Mergers and acquisitions

Kiyohide Nagaoka

Patent Attorney


- Completed the Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University

Certifications and Memberships

- Passed the Patent Attorney Examination, 2006

- Registered Patent Attorney, Japan Patent Attorneys Association, 2015

After his experience as a venture capitalist in investment operations, Kiyohide Nagaoka assisted in business succession for medium and small-sized enterprises and supported startups' EXIT strategies as an M&A advisor. Since joining Hatsuna Intellectual Property Office, now known as Authense IP, he has been focusing on trademarks. He offers tailored intellectual property strategies to support medium and small-sized businesses and startups.


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