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Tomoko Matsushita

Career History

- 2006: Environmental consulting firm - Information System & Marketing Division

- 2008: Patent Office - In charge of patents

- 2018: Patent Office - In charge of foreign affairs

- 2021: Hatsuna Intellectual Property Office (now Authense IP)

Practice Areas


Tomoko Matsushita

Patent Attorney


- Graduated from Waseda University, School of Science and Engineering

Certifications and Memberships

- Passed the Patent Attorney Examination, 2010

- Registered Patent Attorney, Japan Patent Attorneys Association, 2021

- Certified Applied Information Technology Engineer

After graduating from the School of Science and Engineering at Waseda University, she initially worked in the information systems division of a corporation. She later transitioned to a patent office, focusing on patents and trademarks. With an emphasis on clarity and accuracy, she ensures that even clients new to trademark registration feel at ease. She is committed to fully supporting her clients' businesses with her advice.


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