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Koji Honda

Career History

- 2005: Patent Office

- 2009-2021: Intellectual Property Division of three domestic companies (IT/Electronics/Machinery)

- 2022: Hatsuna Intellectual Property Office (now Authense IP)

Practice Areas


Koji Honda

Patent Attorney


- Completed the Graduate School of Science and Technology, Keio University

Certifications and Memberships

- Passed the Patent Attorney Examination, 2016

- Registered Patent Attorney, Japan Patent Attorneys Association, 2017

- Certified Intellectual Property Analyst by AIPE, 2018

After starting his career as a systems engineer, Koji Honda moved on to specialize in patent rights acquisition at a patent office. He subsequently gained broad experience in intellectual property-related tasks across various sectors, including IT and manufacturing, within multiple corporations' IP divisions. Since joining Hatsuna Intellectual Property Office, now known as Authense IP, he focuses primarily on trademark rights acquisition, ensuring he provides the most optimal advice to clients.


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