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Satomi Awaji

Career History

- 2002: Patent Office - In charge of patents and trademarks

- 2006: Studied at National Taiwan Normal University

- 2008: Legal Division of So-net Corporation (now Sony Network Communications Inc.)

- 2018: Hatsuna Intellectual Property Office (now Authense IP)

Practice Areas

China/Taiwan cases, Telecommunications, Financial systems

Satomi Awaji

Partner, Patent Attorney


- Graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan University, Faculty of Engineering

Certifications and Memberships

- Passed the Patent Attorney Examination, 2005

- Registered Patent Attorney, Japan Patent Attorneys Association, 2018

After working on patents and trademarks at a patent office, Satomi Awaji studied abroad in Taiwan. Upon returning, she took on a legal role in an IT company. In 2018, she joined the Hatsuna Intellectual Property Office. Drawing from her legal experiences, she offers an objective perspective to support clients in obtaining the appropriate rights.


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